- Noreen Wedman, M.S., L.M.H.C.A.

Circle of Healing is a group in Seattle for optimizing the healing process of people who have experienced chronic verbal and other emotional abuse. MONDAY EVENING GROUP FOR WOMEN BEGINS MONDAY JANUARY 10. TUESDAY EVENING GROUP FOR HEALING FROM EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS begins JANUARY 18. WEDNESDAY EVENING GROUP FOR HEALING FROM PHYSICAL AND SEXUAL ABUSE begins in the summer. Free Workbook for anyone who joins group. Please call 206.428.8512 for an Orientation Assessment.

Not in Seattle? See http://ToolKitForHealing.com to learn how to get a copy of A ToolKit from Healing from Verbally Abusive Relationships (and other abuse). Washington residents outside of the Seattle area can schedule sessions via Skype.

Comments from Group Members
"Thank you for helping me to believe in therapy again [and for] your intelligent facilitation of weekly topics...You've modeled good listening skills and I have seen it work better in my life." G.S.

"I appreciate your ability to share your experiences and to integrate many different modalities of mental health to achieve healing. You've gently prodded us along and challenged us to improve ourselves." C.E.

"I appreciate how trustworthy you have been, how non-judgmental, how gently, but powerfully guiding you have been. Your openness, empathy, sense of humor, wit, calmness, and centeredness are profoundly appreciated."

"You're the Inventor, the innovator, and...more. With an academic course, we would have to say were "introduced" to our subject. But not so here: we REALLY LIVED IT HERE, and you gave us a safe harbor." S.B.

"Your joy in living is obvious." E.H.

Groups are great agents for Healing. Group therapy provides support for survivors of abusive relationships, who tend to feel isolated in their distress. The Circle of Healing is a group that provides members with a ToolKit for managing and alleviating symptoms of abuse. The symptoms require a specific set of skills. The most efficient way of learning these skills is in a group setting.   Without the skills needed to alleviate PTSD symptoms, progress is very slow and uneven. Contact info@CircleOfHealing.us to join.


For ten years, I have specialized in providing individual counseling and facilitating workshops for people who have experienced long term verbally and otherwise emotionally abusive relationships. It has become evident that an intensive phase of recovery best suits the complex issues of these clients. Many of these clients had also experienced instances of sexual and/or physical abuse. Many were Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) or mentally ill parents. All had had symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: depression and/or anxiety (maybe mild and recurrent), flashbacks, marked distress or phobia of stimuli related to the abuse, intrusive thoughts of abuse, numbing, isolation, anger management or other behavioral control issues, difficulties concentrating, exaggerated startle response, and sense of diminished future. For a discussion of low-grade P.T.S.D. (Chronic Stress Disorder), see Mindbodyintegrativecounseling.com.

Verbal Abuse is more than yelling, swearing, and name calling. Physical Abuse is more than being hit or kicked. Sexual Abuse is more than being molested or raped. All of these types of abuse take many forms. All abuse distances you from your essential self. Healing returns you to a sense of being centered and being in your own skin - alive to life and authentically you.

ABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Ms. Noreen Wedman, MS, LMHCA, is a counselor in private practice in Seattle. Ms. Wedman has been a counselor since completing her Masters degree in Community Counseling in 1990. She interned & trained at the Georgia Council on Child Abuse.

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